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Ordering Your Foam Mattress and Sunbrella® Slipcover

The Foam Mattress and Slipcover is not included in the price of the Sweetwater Cabana and is sold separately because not everyone who purchases the Cabana wants to use it as a daybed.  Although the majority of people do use it as a daybed, having them sold separate allows the customer to choose from a wide variety of slipcover colors and patterns as well as the foam mattress grade of their choice.  Also, having no middleman (which would be us), there is no mark up, which provides a greater savings passed on to the consumer.  You will find the foamorder.com website very easy to navigate and their quality of products excellent along with their prices.

Ordering info

Follow each step below along with looking at the printed website form that has been filled out as an example before placing your order.  

Step 1

Go to the website www.foamorder.com

Step 2

From the Home page, under HOUSEHOLD RESIDENTIAL click on to CUSTOM CUSHIONS. It is not necessary to choose Outdoor Foam, as you do not need to pay more for a foam that is going to be protected from the rain with the Cabana’s oversize Sunbrella canopy as well as the water resistant Sunbrella foam slipcover.  However, this choice is strictly up to the customer.

Step 3

You will be asked to click on a shape that resembles your foam order.  Click on the very first shape you see, the SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR CUSHION.

Step 4

There will be 4 steps to follow listed below with the answers you will want to fill in with:

  1. In the cushion use choice, scroll and click MATTRESS
  2. Enter the number of cushions you are purchasing
  3. In the choose unit of measurement box, scroll and click INCHES
  4. Enter the following dimensions in the boxes
  • 72 in DEPTH / HEIGHT
  • 72 inWIDTH
  • 4 in THICKNESS (4 inches is standard however if you want it to be thicker you may enter a greater/larger thickness)
  1. Click on PRICE QUOTE

Step 5

You will be given a range of price quotes based on different foam qualities. Basically, the more expensive foams have a longer lifespan but since the Cabana foam mattress application is normally one that is not subject to constant use, we recommend that you choose Conventional Foam EconoFlex C33 – Medium/Firm grade.   You may read the descriptions for the foams listed below and choose differently.

  • On the left column, enter the unit number of foams you would like to order in the QUANITY BOX adjacent to the BRAND & NUMBER and the FIRMNESS of the type of foam you want.
  • Under yellow highlighted SUGGESTED ADDITIONS, There is no need to add any of these options but you can read descriptions below to decide otherwise. Any of the additions that say "Very Important for Cushions" do not apply as much for a mattress.
  • Under the Sunbrella® FABRIC cover options; click the Sunbrella® FABRIC COVER box.
  • Click on NAME A PATTERN and across where it says in blue, CLICK HERE to open a new window and see Sunbrella® fabrics, click on it. 
  • You will go onto the Sunbrella® website home page where you will see samples swatch colors.  Next select the color/pattern you want and copy the item number and name listed at the bottom (for example: "5403-0000 Canvas Jockey Red"). Then return to the order page and paste it in the pattern box above.  Note most of the solid colors are considered standard and are at the bottom price end and then the fabrics that have patterns and/or textures will be more expensive.
  • You have the option to choose OVERLOCK INSIDE FABIC EDGES and WELT CORDING, which is basically raised cording along the top outside edges of the slipcover (see description at the bottom of page).  If you don't want it for the additional cost, un-check the box or enter the pattern number and name in the adjacent box (if the same as the slipcover pattern, leave blank).
  • Go to the SHOPPING CART icon at the bottom of the ordering section on the left column and click on to it to go to the next page.

Step 6

Scroll down the page to see all the different Zipper Placement options. We recommend choosing NUMBER 3:  PLACE THE ZIPPER ACROSS THIS SIDE, and check the WIDTH wrap around box (the mattress is square so it does not matter which side).  Check box for Zipper Placement and then click box that says CONTINUE.

Step 7

An irrelevant page to your order will come up next that will suggest additional product items.  You may continue your order by clicking on to the SHOPPING CART icon on the top right corner of the page.

Step 8

Next your SHOPPING CART will show your order along with the itemized prices and the subtotal (tax not included yet) of your order.  Above the subtotal line, click onto ADD COMMENTS to your order.  In the SUBRELLA FABRIC COVER box, write in “add two seams instead of one down the middle” and click SAVE NOTES and CONTINUE.  You can get an estimate shipping cost by entering in your zip code.  Click on to the CHECK OUT now icon at the bottom of the page if you are satisfied with your order

Step 9

You will be asked if you would like to set up an account with foamorder.com (the benefits will be listed) or to check out without an account.

Step 10

Enter contact, shipping and billing information.  Read warranty and return policies. Review order and complete purchase.


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