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The Sweetwater Cabana is the newest product from Sweetwater Bungalows current line of Bungalow tent-cabins.  Founded in 1996, Sweetwater Bungalows is a leader in pre-fabricated tensile structures. Backed with three years of research and design development which included different woods, hardware and manufacturers in Indonesia prior to its release to the public in 2007.  Sweetwater Cabanas have been enjoyed by resorts such as the Four Seasons, high-end apartment complexs and spas as well as the privacy of many homes. So whether its poolside at a hotel or tucked into a corner of your backyard garden, you will want to surrender to the versatile and relaxing retreat that it becomes.

Sweetwater Cabanas has enjoyed enthusiastic responses from satisfied customers all across the country. To ensure a high quality product, Sweetwater Cabanas constantly strives to evaluate and implement desirable improvements wherever practicable, and at all times to maintain an interactive relationship with customers whose input is of immeasurable value.


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