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Sweetwater Cabana proudly offers eco-friendly, recycled and reclaimed prime-grade teak.

All of our recycled prime grade teak is carefully recovered by hand from old and neglected structures 50 to 200 years old. Sweetwater’s use of recycled teak helps to preserve natural forests and protect their ecosystems. Careful hand grading ensures only the highest quality wood is used. It is planed square for production and larger voids left by hardware and joints are filled with pieces of teak. The result is a Cabana frame with unique character and beauty.

  • Visually striking coloration resulting from ancient natural forest growth and decades of air drying.
  • Incredible stability, as well as resistance to temperature changes and weather elements, thanks to long seasoning time.
  • Rich, natural oils that make the timber extremely dense and strong.

Recycled prime grade teak.

reclaimed top cap installed
top cap installed

The top cap is made of stainless steel for strength and durability.
Each rafter individually bolts into the bracket.

top cap top cap installed

Each piece of the frame is individually coated with two coats of teak oil to
bring out the natural color and beauty. The teak oil provides a durable finish.

oiled teak

Our craftsman hand tool each joint to assure a proper fit and stability.
Our cabana is constructed with mortise and tenon joints to allow natural and free
movement of the teak. Each joint is secured with stainless steel bolts and fasteners.

platform corner
platform corner

Each cabana is built to strict specifications and fitted with the canopy.
It is then taken down, oiled and packaged for shipment.

Completed Cabana


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